Beck: Gun Control Groups Are Targeting Gun Owners Via Banks


The left is out to disarm this country one way or another. This site has been warning for years the democrats/ left will never directly move against the Second Amendment in terms of repeal or actual confiscation. The radical left knows they’ll lose that fight, literally, if they were to make that kind of move. Instead, as warned, they will make it next to impossible to own a gun through regs, taxes or as Glenn Beck (no one cares if you like him or not, what he’s talking about here is fact) is covering here having the banks pull the plug on purchases, servicing gun related companies etc. Soon you won’t be able to buy that gun or ammo using your credit or debit card or if anything turn that gun of yours into a paperweight!

Right now we have Bank of America and Citigroup pulling the plug on gun related business, give it time when network operators AMEX, Discover, Mastercard and Visa jump on that train pulling the plug all together! There are
A LOT of “hands” involved when you use your credit card (you can learn more about it here) needless to say if the left decides to go after these entities like they have businesses and individuals when something happens they don’t like you better have cash ready. But even using cash can be a problem especially if you’re making a large purchase of weapon(s) and ammunition. As Beck explains banks will flag people when they pull out large sums of cash, or even if you try to deposit a large amount, say $10K. As yours truly experienced some time ago banks will split that large deposit up and make you wait longer for it to clear! If the banks suspect anything shady they’ll hold you up from accessing YOUR money!

Want a loan to finance production of your gun related products or open a small business GOOD LUCK with that too if dems get their way convincing banks to not engage with this cult like,”immoral” industry.

The left is not stupid and they deem pro-2A types dangerous to society so they will gladly put pressure on banks to deny you from doing any type of business whether you’re buying or selling anything gun related. You would think some bank with a pro-2A stance, and has the infrastructure, would see the opportunity to make billions here and be to the gun industry what the Federal Reserve is to the US govt!