MSNBC: Trump Won’t Leave Peacefully, Capable of Starting a Civil War


The political activists pretending to be journalists over at MSNBC are clearly suffering from a terminal case of Trump Derangement Syndrome. Their never-ending assault on Pres Trump has no bounds where they look for anything to use to make insane assumptions about Trump and hid character. Based on nothing Donny Deutsch launched into another crazy theory that should Trump be impeached or lose in 2020 he will not exit office peacefully and could instead start a civil war!

When it comes to starting civil war democrats would know wouldn’t they, since they started the last one we had about 160 years ago… they lost miserably!

Let’s be as clear as day on something, it’s not republicans, conservatives or TEA Party activists who are assaulting people in schools, restaurants, on the street etc over hats and shirts people are wearing that are deemed offensive. They’re not the ones showing up to democrats practicing for a baseball game shooting the place up. They’re not on tv constantly calling their opposition racists, bigots and warmongers with a blood thirty love for guns. They’re not the ones constantly putting on hoaxes of racism and bigotry, including middle of the night assaults in sub-zero temperatures over ones sexual preferences and skin color. They’re not pushing and passing legislation to restrict if not take people’s rights away. They’re not calling for government control over every aspect of ones life from education, medical care to living wage, calling for the end of all fossil fuels, and praising socialism as our only way to salvation. Democrats are in fact doing all these things and are adamant they’re willing to FIGHT for all of it.

This country is headed for an armed conflict but when that happens it will be the democrats who start that fight like they start every fight. The only difference between the 1860’s and today is the war democrats start will end by sane normal Americans faster than when they started it!

Buy guns and ammo.