Here Are the 8 Republican Turncoats Who Voted With Democrats on the Gun Control Bill


Democrats are making their intentions clear of the power grabs they’re seeking where one of the first bills they push through is for gun control. HR8 – Bipartisan Background Checks Act is the first gun control bill to get through the House in approx 25 years and the dems did it with the help of 8 turncoat republicans:

Vern Buchanan (FL)
Mario Diaz-Balart (FL)
Brian Fitzpatrick (PA)*
Will Hurd (TX)
Pete King (NY)*
Brian Mast (FL)*
Chris Smith (NJ)*
Fred Upton (MI)*
(* bill sponsors)

[2/28/19 HR1112 Enhanced Background Checks Act of 2019, a companion bill to HR8, introduced by democrats and cosponsored by Rep Pete King was also passed with King, Fitzpatrick and Smith all voting for it.]

These people do not deserve to hold office violating their oath to uphold the Constitution, which includes the Second Amendment that clearly states “shall not be infringed”… In other words it has its own DO NOT TOUCH CLAUSE ALL of these people blatantly ignore.

These repubs are siding with democrats, especially the FL reps**, over pressure because of the Parkland shooting, even though it was the very system they’re trying to empower that failed, along with the school board and Broward Cty Sheriff. They have voted for a bill that will require you to go through a gun dealer and be subjected to a background check to buy a weapon/ receive one as a gift from a friend, colleague or family member. Background checks are already conducted at gun shows and gun shops regardless of what Pete King or others claim. Don’t think so? Go to a shop or show and try to buy one without a background check! Criminals are NOT going to dealers to get their weapons. They steal or get them on the black market this bill will have no effect stopping.

Brian Mast is the worst of the bunch, as he is going against a campaign promise to uphold 2A… AGAIN! DO NOT fire back saying “show some respect he’s a veteran who paid the ultimate price serving our country”. His service and injuries does not give him free rein to make promises and then blatantly violate them once elected. Frankly it’s shameful for anyone to use ones service in that they’re immune from criticism.

In all likelihood this gun bill is DOA when it hits the Senate but you never know and Pres Trump has hinted to vetoing said bill if it makes it to his desk. These kinds of power grabs are blatant violations of our rights and have to be stopped.

Venezuelans are learning the hard way after allowing their govt to take away their gun rights. DO NOT MAKE THE SAME MISTAKE AMERICA. Our economy is not as solid as the media claims. School loan debt tops $1.5 TRILLION, that people are having a hard time paying back because the jobs they went to school for DO NOT EXIST. Car loan debt is at $1.2 TRILLION that people are defaulting on. There is plenty more bad economic news you don’t hear that this site and others have been pointing out. You do not want to be disarmed, because that’s where these people in DC are going, when SHTF.

**As warned in 2018 Ill say it again this is more proof Florida is turning Blue… Don’t ever forget I WARNED YOU.