Dem Loudmouth Rep Tlaib Suggests Rep Meadows is a Racist During Cohen Hearing


Apparently it is now racist for a white lawmaker to invite a black guest/ character witness to a Congressional hearing. Freshman democrat, Rashida Tlaib, who vowed to her son, and supporters, on her first day in Congress that We’re going to impeach the Mother F*cker [Trump]” drew first blood with Rep Mark Meadows accusing him of being a racist for inviting Lynn Patton, a Trump admin staffer and friend to the first family, to the Michael Cohen hearing.. witch hunt.. circus.



During the heated exchange Chairman Cummings stepped in and did everything in his power to make excuses, allowing loudmouth Tlaib to reword what she said. As you would expect she claimed her statement wasn’t directly calling anyone racist but let’s look at the words she used:

“Just to make a note Mr. Chairman, just because someone has a person of color, a black person working for them does not mean they aren’t racist. And It is insensitive that some would even say it’s… the fact that someone would actually use a prop, a black woman, in this chamber, in this committee… is alone racist in itself.”

Tlaib is clearly talking about Meadows, he was the ONLY SOMEONE who invited a Black woman to the hearing. Calling ones actions racist is no different from calling them a racist. Tlaib is on record attacking the President, GOP and their supporters as racists. Look at her demeanor before and after, she’s amused with all of it, knowing she will get away with this attack because she will pull the race and gender cards for her own defense!

This new batch of democrats, especially the women (Tlaib, Omar, Cortez), are extremely dangerous. DO NOT dismiss them, they’re taking over the party pushing it to the extreme left. This is how things are going to be if not worse over the next two years.

Lastly let’s be clear, the divide, and unequivocal hateful rhetoric coming from the media/ celebs/ democrats/ leftists is far worse in 2019 than 2017 which triggered James Hodgkinson’s attempted assassination of approx 30 GOP members, leaving Rep Scalise severely injured, to swing the balance of power in DC!

This country is headed for violent conflict.