Gun Owner Warns Dem Gun Grabbers “We’re No Longer Going to Be Silent”


Last April Mark Robinson of Greensboro blasted the city council during a meeting on whether or not to ban an upcoming gun show. Today he appeared on Capitol Hill, joining pro-Second Amendment republicans, to oppose HR8 and HR1112 democrats introduced to continue the chipping away of our Constitutional rights, while they swear up and down “no one is going to take your guns away”. They’re actually right, they’re not going to directly take/ confiscate anyone’s weapons when they can easily regulate them out of our hands or turn them into useless paperweights!

As Robinson warned last April, that “come hell or high water” Americans are not going to take this abuse of power, he is now issuing a warning to gun grabbers in DC, ie Speaker Pelosi, Reps Clyburn and Thompson and their bill’s cosponsors (btw SHAME on GOP members who support this bs), “We’re no longer going to be silent. We’re no longer asleep. We are wide awake. We are wide aware and we’re going to do everything we can to make sure that if you’re trying to take our constitutional rights we are going to get you out of these halls and replace you with people that will.”

The democrats are drunk with power holding control of just 1/3 of govt. Imagine what they’ll do if they get a super majority again like they had when obama ruled!? You cannot sit home bitching anymore. You have to get active participating in protests, rallies, helping those running for office who want to put an end to govt abuse. Democrats/ leftists put their time and money where their mouth is. You can knock and mock them all you want, “they don’t have jobs”, but I’m here to tell you they’re just like us with jobs, families and responsibilities except they have the balls to put it all on the line for what they believe in. Until conservatives and republicans start acting this way, we’re going to continue losing elections, court battles, and seeing our rights chipped away.

What are you prepared to do??