Scarborough Suggests Dems Add Stacking SCOTUS Under a Nat’l Emergency to Campaign Platform

The left is losing their minds over Pres Trump invoking law passed by Congress in 1976 to secure the southern border they want to leave wide open. They’re all claiming Trump is abusing Executive Authority saying there is no crisis on the border and he is just doing this to get his wall Congress refuses to fund. Apparently the illegal drugs, human trafficking, health and economic risks are irrelevant but a the pig flu when obama was POTUS is a Nat’l Emergency!

MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough is so upset over this he helped the dems out by suggesting they should up the ante in their campaign platform by promising to stack the supreme court with 2 more radical judges; 9 Justices to 11. They could claim what Trump and McConnell did to get Kavanaugh and Gorsuch through was unconstitutional so there is a National Emergency a dem POTUS could declare to even out the court!

This is the slippery slope many are concerned about. The dems will abuse the law to push through their radical ideology from gun control (regardless if law doesn’t allow it), climate change or stacking the Supreme Court, which as Scarborough explains is not restricted by Constitution over how many Justices can be on the bench.