Bernie Sanders Admits If He’s Elected President the US Will Be Socialist Nation


Bernie Sanders participated in a town hall event, put on by the DNC’s propaganda arm CNN, where Wolf Blitzer cited Pres Trump’s SOTU comment the US would never be a socialist nation. When asked if that would be true under a Sanders admin, Bernie vowed if he is elected president (God help us if that happens) the US will have SOCIALIZED medicine, education, force higher minimum wage for unskilled work, climate change will take precedence regardless of the negative impact these policies and many more will have on the country and economy.

This lunatic isn’t hiding any of his policies radicals like AOC, Sen’s Booker, Harris and Warren are supporting. Everything they propose will fundamentally transform… destroy the USA as we know it. And that’s okay with these people who, like obama, DO NOT like this country. They hate everything about America, thus their quest to radically change it under their veil of social and economic justice.

Socialism (aka democratic socialism, totally made up term to make it more appealing to the uneducated) is communism-lite that will leave elitists like Sanders, with his 3 homes (1 is on a lake), making every decision for us to live under barely getting by while they live high and mighty; a lot like the govt/ elitists depicted in Hunger Games movies.

It’s quite scary over how many young people support this insanity. They are the products of the indoctrination going on in every single school from K thru college.