Environmentalist: Green New Deal Renewables CAN’T Save the Planet


Sandy Cortez is not the first person to come up with a green new deal proposal, to run the planet off of renewable energy. Michael Shellenberger, founder and president of Environmental Progress, appeared on Tucker Carlson Tonight explaining he was one of the original founders of a green new deal proposal between 2003-07 and was involved with the obama regime when they were making their green energy push.

The difference between Shellenberger and Cortez is he identified and accepts that solar and wind technology are unreliable as well as “the low energy density of sunlight and wind. And basically what we have been finding is that the lower the energy density of the fuel, in this case sunlight and wind, the bigger the environmental impact. You just have to use a lot more natural resources including land to generate very much electricity.”

In other words the amount of wind and light is not enough to produce the necessary energy we need to get off of fossil fuels.


Solar panels and windmills would have to be everywhere destroying the very planet kooks like Sandy Cortez and her ilk want to protect with her Green New Deal proposal. Just a few years ago billionaire T Boone Pickens was all on-board with developing massive wind farms but dropped it over similar reasons of ecological impact and the energy needed would not be produced! It’s a nice idea but it doesn’t work, and Cortez’s plan, let’s be honest, will get people killed!

Shellenberger, is left but he’s at least reasonable, grounded in a world of reality. Cortez on the other-hand lives on a different plane of existence, promising prosperity via a pot of gold or and a place the Easter Bunny could live in. This is what makes people like her dangerous because they base their opinions on feelings vs facts. Nuclear is far more safer, meeting our energy needs. Sandy doesn’t care about that she knows her GND opens the door for wealth redistribution and complete control over the people.