Lt General Boykin: Muslim Brotherhood Has Infiltrated All Levels of US Govt

“If Americans only took time to do the proper research and find out just how deep this infiltration into our govt is it would just frighten you…”

You have probably heard or suspected this already but Boykin’s commentary only solidifies the danger we are in from the obama administration that is deeply in bed with the muslim brotherhood. As reported in The Project and Rumors of War III the muslim brotherhood has infiltrated the US govt at every level. All of these things should make it clear now why this admin has supported the Arab Spring in Egypt(ousting of Mubarak), Libya and Syria. In these nations the brotherhood was behind the illusion of freedom fighters rising up against oppressive regimes. Where as any country that had a legitimate uprising of true freedom fighters as in Iran or the second time around for Egypt the obama admin remained silent. Another example but unrelated to the brotherhood is the uprisings in Venezuela and Ukraine (with muslim connections) where the obama regime has remained silent because the people are rising up against the radical regimes.

The crap media will never report on this not because it is of no interest but they do not cover it out of fear! Will anyone in Congress care or do anything about the brotherhood? Don’t hold your breath and anyone in the military who could be a problem has been purged or in the process of being removed!