Rush TRASHES Hillary: We Cannot Remain The USA With Irresponsible CRAP Leadership Like This

This regime and the ruling class elitists like Clinton are encouraging people to achieve nothing, live a do-nothing life to be completely dependent on govt. I’m curious if everyone in fact quits their jobs to pursue their dreams of basket weaving, fishing, sun tanning exactly how do the elitist expect anything to get done in the US. After all they are dependent on the slave class (i.e. you and I) to collect their trash, fill their prescriptions, cook/ prepare food, repair vehicles etc etc etc? What will the elitist do when all the money runs out that they have taxed the evil rich out of since no one will be working anymore?

People were not solely taking a second job to afford healthcare, they are now! But as Rush says this is irresponsible leadership which will surely lead to the downfall of the US. The path is being set for a major reset where people like Hillary Clinton are positioning themselves to be the last ones standing to take the lead when it comes time for a restart.