Dr Drew Rips the Press For Overreacting to Coronavirus, “The Press Needs to Shut Up”


As the coronavirus hysteria has taken over most of the headlines and airtime, outside of the election, we can find some refuge and sanity from Dr Drew Pinsky, who is quite angry! The doctor is making his rounds on numerous programs to bring calm to the chaos pointing the finger of blame for the hysteria directly squarely where it belongs on the media saying, “the press needs to shut up”! We didn’t hear this nonsense from them when people were initially getting infected with the Swine Flu, let alone when deaths started adding up. It’s only now in the age of Trump people are coming unglued because of the nonsense and misinformation the media is shoveling out.

Here is Pinsky on Laura Ingraham’s show where you can see he’s quite upset over the unnecessary panic the press is causing,
“WE need to calm down.
It’s here. It’s mild, and the press needs to shut up! It’s really getting to be a problem.”

The doctor appeared on the Daily Blast Feb 2 ripping the press and doubled down on the 27th about the overreaction from the press while calling them out for ignoring the 24M cases of flu, with 180K hospitalized and 16K dead in the US alone!

What’s really going on is another desperate attempt from the entire democrat party controlled legacy media and pundits trying to score cheap political points against Pres Trump claiming he is not handling this pandemic well enough to their standards. They’re not the experts, don’t listen to them or any democrat running for President.

As for the democrats in Congress they’re so concerned about this virus you know what they did last week about it? Nothing. Not one vote for a bill or supplemental spending bill. They want immediate action to stop this national security threat yet not one word about sealing the southern border either. That tells you all you need to know that they aren’t serious and have weaponized this virus against Donald Trump.

This virus is bad, but it’s not SARS, Swine Flu or Ebola bad! If you had a cold theres a chance it was coronavirus and not rhinovirus, and you survived it!

Relax and calm down, stop running to Costco, BJ’s, Home Depot and Lowes stocking up on toilet paper, Spam, rice, dried milk, bottled water, M95 masks, duct tape and toilet paper (said it twice I know). And that boys and girls is why this site is not putting much focus on this virus, it’s not the threat the media is making it out to be. More people are sick and dead from the flu this year alone than CV. It should be another reason though to throw your support in for President Trump this Novemberas you can see there is no end to how low the Left will go to trash him, even at your expense!