Brazile Comes Unhinged – SHAME on Fox News


Liar, deceiver, divider and certified CHEATER Donna Brazile came unhinged during an interview on Fox News. The fmr interim DNC Committee Chair, now a Fox News PAID contributor, was asked to respond to comments made by RNC Chairwoman, Ronna McDaniel, on the DNC primaries and high chances of a brokered convention since the dems are clearly split willing to do whatever they can to stop Sanders from being the nominee.

Brazile acting tough and thuggish, with a smirk on her face, came unhinged in her response with a message to republicans to stay the hell out of the DNC’s business and went after McDaniel personally telling her to got to hell!

Now this is expected from the party of hate and divisiveness, but SHAME on Fox News, more specifically Ed Henry and Sandra Smith for sitting there and
1) not setting this woman straight to watch her words and professional as the dems always carry on the  Right and especially the President lacks
2) and most importantly when it comes to fair elections and primaries NOT pointing out that Brazile herself CHEATED in 2016 by giving Hillary Clinton the questions that would asked in an upcoming dem debate!

Watch the entire segment (below) you won’t see either of the two Fox anchors do any of this, because this is the NEW Fox News. This is what the Murdock boys and Paul Ryan want.

The daytime Fox crew, for the most part, despises Pres Trump. Sure you have supporters here and there, but the majority who are supposed to be doing NEWS do not like him and you see their jabs some subtle others quite blatant. The primetime crew (Carlson, Hannity, Ingraham) give more favorable programming and coverage to the President because they’re opinionated commentators.

McDaniel responded on Twitter with this blow to the gut…

2016: DNC Interim Chair Gets Destroyed on Dems Inciting Violence at Trump Rallies & Leaked Town Hall Question
2017: Fmr DNC Chair Drops Bombshell, DNC Rigged Primary For Hillary

Brazile should have never been hired by Fox, but the execs don’t care about losing current viewers. They want to attract the people who watch CNN and MSNBC because they know in 5 years, when Trump’s second term is over (WE HOPE), NO ONE will be turning Fox on anymore!

Fox is playing the long game to survive when it’s no longer 24/7/365 Trump coverage. Maybe POTUS will get into the TV news business when he’s out of office to teach them a lesson!???

Full segment