DNC Interim Chair Gets Destroyed on Dems Inciting Violence at Trump Rallies & Leaked Town Hall Question

There are no other words to describe this exchange other than DNC Interim Chair Donna Brazile IS A LIAR!

Megyn Kelly hit her on point after point and all we heard was the typical liberal progressive spin denying video we’ve all seen and heard with our own two eyes and ears. If the vids on inciting violence and voter fraud are bunk why are Foval and Creamer gone?! Both on film explaining what they do up to and including how the decisions go through the DNC/Clinton camp chain of command. It’s abundantly clear to anyone who has been following all of this political nonsense over the years Brazile is lying and is probably involved with the decision making Foval and co carried out!

Brazile is also lying about getting debate questions from CNN prior to the town hall debate because it is an impossible coincidence to have the question verbatim. Instead of answering that she got questions in advance she spins and rants about emails being stolen and falsified information. I hope the criminals out there hack her emails too!