Hannity Threatens Republicans Not Supporting Trump

“I’ve got some unfinished business with people..”

One thing we can agree on is that the GOP needs a reboot… well no actually they don’t since the majority of conservatives have written the GOP off. Whether Trump wins or loses one this is for sure the GOP is completely dead, going the way of the Whig Party and honestly good riddance! There is only a handful of rebels left within the party the rest are progressives who are no different from their progressive democrat counterparts!

Sean needs help because this election is Trump’s to win or lose. Those he is attacking couldn’t muster up enough support to win the primary for their candidate of choice so how could they all of a sudden have the power NOW to swing a general election?? The numbers don’t add up all he would be doing by getting even or making people “own it” is widen the divide already in the party taking its final breaths between GOP/RINOs and Conservatives. You want to get even Sean? Primary the hell out of those you feel have betrayed the country. We have a good idea who needs to go, many we tried to primary this past year unsuccessfully. How about you help ID AND BANKROLL some true principled people to go up against the GOPe coffers!? Put your money and career where your mouth is!

This country is a total mess politically and socially, and Sean’s solution is to cause more trouble?! Go ahead Sean just remember you didn’t live up to your “call to arms” either….