Maxine Waters Attacks ‘Liar’ Trump Over Coronavirus: He ‘Cannot Be Relied Upon’


Maxine Waters looks tired from the severe case of TDS she’s suffering from, always looking for an angle to attack the President. In the wake of the coronavirus outbreak Pres Trump has taken all the necessary measures he can. Of course no matter what he does it isn’t enough, so much so dems even criticized him weeks ago when he initiated travel bans, trying to make it a racial issue.

Waters was asked about his handling of the situation where she called him a ‘liar’, ‘he can’t be trusted’ and ‘should shut his mouth’ without reason or examples, other than saying he doesn’t believe in science, to justify her vicious attack.


So because Trump didn’t drink the climate change and abortion is a woman’s health care “science”/ KoolAid he has no say? The President is listening to his medical advisors, doing what he’s done that is apparently satisfactory to even CA Gov Gavin Newsom!

When the most radical governor in the US has nothing but positive things to say about Trump’s handling of CA’s needs, unhinged hateful Leftists like Waters have nothing to stand on. Trump is doing everything he can for CA to gain Newsom’s praise, it’s safe to assume he’s taking similar actions on a national scale.

This outbreak is not a Left or Right issue, but Waters and her ilk have to politicize it. Make no mistake they want to see chaos and carnage from this virus with the hopes SENILE OBiden and his special VP pick wins the election.