Biden’s Deputy Campaign Manager Dodges on Whether He’s Fit for Office


Joe Biden gets confused where he is and who he’s talking with. He forgets key facts and figures to the point of becoming agitated with anyone questioning him for daring to challenge him, as we just recently saw in Detroit with an autoworker. Biden attacks individuals at will, again the autoworker, but others who have attended his events even challenging their level of fitness. And Biden even forgets what office he’s even running for!

That said, it’s no wonder his Deputy Campaign Manager, Kate Bedingfield dodged on whether he’s fit for office. It is clear this man has mental issues as there are far too many examples of his odd behavior (to say the least), even ‘perplexed’ why other competitors were quick to endorse him!

What every single American needs to understand is voters are not voting for Joe to be President, they’re most likely voting for whomever he chooses as his running mate for VP to be President! Many argue it’s the perfect storm for Hillary, where they win and in the not so distant future he steps down as President due to health reasons and viola Madame President Clinton! Whether it’s Felonia Von Pantsuit or anyone else Americans should be concerned about the game Biden and the DNC are playing. Newsmax host John Cardillo said it best…

Everyone wrote Biden off just a week or two ago, saying Bernie was it. Now Biden is about to capture the nomination, when he doesn’t know where he is, interestingly winning states he didn’t really campaign in? Something doesn’t add up, as it shouldn’t because we are talking about the party who rigged a primary for Hillary in 2016, and played a role in trying to get Pres Trump impeached!

This isn’t a joke, it’s not funny anymore watching this man get used like he is by the dems. More and more obama’s reported advice “Joe, you don’t have to do this” and lack of endorsement is making sense.

Anything can happen between now and Nov, a democrat winning is possible. A Biden presidency could spell real disaster for this country, so you better get as many people you know onboard with Trump. Make sure people are registered to vote and educate as many as you can to ensure Pres Trump is reelected.