Sanders Won’t Close the Border to Protect Americans From Coronavirus


The democrats as you are probably aware are quite alarmed over President Trump’s handling of coronavirus. They don’t think he is doing enough, not taking the necessary actions even though they themselves haven’t produced an alternative plan. The subject of how to handle CV came up at the Fox News Bernie Sanders town hall.

When Sanders was asked how he would handle CV, more specifically whether he would close the border he said ‘NO’! He then went into a rant about Trump being a xenophobe anti-immigrant, let’s listen to the scientists leaving the issue of national security to scientists, self quarantine etc. In the meantime let the infected and sick cross the border, makes total sense huh Bernie?

Condemning Trump over how he’s handling the virus, criticizing him for downplaying it when compared to the millions infected and tens of thousands who die from the flu, Sanders and all dems have proven they’re really not serious about protecting the people. They want everything possible done, restrict travel, tell people to stay home, spare no expense boosting Trumps $2.5B request for additional CV aid to $8.5, but oh no the border must be left open! Thats like getting the top of the line security system for your home and leaving the front open.

Sanders, his radical ilk and the democrat party are incredibly dangerous individuals. They want the US border left open no matter what happens, the hell with you they want illegals in the US to change the nations demographics so they can do to the US what they did to CA leading to permanent one party rule. If CV was the Walking Dead virus they wouldn’t care.

No matter what happens with this virus, and its effect on the markets you must vote Trump this November. The Left is hoping for total economic collapse and high body counts from the virus while blaming Trump for it all. Don’t listen to them, the CV hysteria everything are all lies. Yes, people are getting sick but only those who have existing health conditions. More people died in Chicago over gun violence than Americans from CV!