Biden Threatens Autoworker After Getting Called Out Over His Gun Control Policies

Joe Biden is the gift that keeps on giving everyday now! While touring a Detroit factory Biden got into it with an autoworker, in this close-up video, who confronted him on his gun control policies. In about a minute and a half Biden denied his call to ban/confiscate law-abiding gun owners weapons, telling the unnamed worker he’s full of shit (in other words he’s lying). Joe claimed he supported the Second Amendment while arguing against an individuals right to own any weapon they want by using the failed analogy of yelling fire in a theater. He argued he isn’t against 2A by saying he and his son are gun owners, but you can’t own something that needs a 100 round.

At this point Joe really steps in it, which is why his aid earlier tried to move things along. Clueless on the differences between semiautomatic and automatic weapons Biden continued saying he didn’t say he wants to take peoples weapons away when he in fact did. And then the barely working lightbulb when off in his head realizing he did with regards to taking “AR-14’s” away, as he was poking his finger in the workers face. The worker clearly didn’t like it, “This is not okay man,” and Crazy Uncle Joe then threatened to take the worker outside. More back and forth followed where Biden incorrectly stated you can’t own a machine gun and so on as these things tend to go with him…

Biden and the worker actually are wrong with regards to machine guns. A law-abiding US citizen can own a machine gun… granted they can pass the DOJ background check, the ATF’s in-depth background check, pay for their tax stamp to own said weapon, oh and then have the $20, $30, $40K+++ to own a fully automatic weapon. You can own a tank, a howitzer all kinds of firepower IF you have the money and can successfully get through ALL the hoops the govt will make you jump through. The Founder’s intentions were clear that they wanted the People as well armed as the govt, regardless of what Crazy Uncle Joe, or any gun grabber says.

With regards to Biden saying he didn’t want to confiscate guns, here is video of him in fact saying he does in an interview with Anderson Cooper

And let’s remember this is the same Joe Biden who said he a week ago he’s going to appoint Bob Frank O’Rourke as his gun control.. confiscation czar if elected!

Now you can see why the DNC is limiting Joe’s speeches to 7 minutes, and his aides are ready to pull him out of situations like this. He hung himself on 2A, got caught lying multiple times and threatened a guy all under 93 seconds!

This is the best the democrats have to run against Pres Trump!? They are aware the presidential debates will be longer than 7 minutes right? This autoworker triggered Biden to no end, Trump is going to burn him down!