CNN & MSNBC Cut Away From Coronavirus Briefing as Trump Exposed Their Lies


CNN & MSNBC Cut Away From Coronavirus Briefing as Trump Exposed Their Lies

It was obvious that Pres Trump is mad over the lies and misinformation the media has been pushing over his handling of the China virus, as well as his relationship with Dr Fauci. Today’s coronavirus briefing opened with the President and Fauci addressing the treatment they’ve received from the democrat and communist Chinese party’s controlled media.

Both hammered away and all the networks were shockingly airing the briefing, UNTIL the President rolled video, which is a fraction of what is available, of the Left in their own words downplaying the virus that they’re now critical of how Trump is handling. Like clockwork CNN and MSNBC cut away from the briefing going so far as to call it campaign propaganda and that Trump was having a meltdown!

The truth hurts and the media are the biggest hypocrites on the planet. They are in fact pushing propaganda by siding with the communists running China!

How is airing people in their own words, trivializing and downplaying the virus, propaganda?
How is airing the governors of several states stating the truth that this administration has done everything they said and promised, propaganda?
If Trump’s team had edited the content in any way the media might have a case but this is not campaign propaganda, there’s no convenient editing to create a narrative as we’ve seen for years from the Left.

CNN and MSNBC cut away because they didn’t want their viewers to see how the people they trust for information have lied and misled them. They weren’t about to air footage of the President they HATE, exposing their clear partisan hackery.

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