Dem Rep: Coronavirus Relief Should Be Used to Give Money to Illegal Immigrants


Democrats love to spend American taxpayers dollars especially when it comes to subsidizing undocumented democrat voters. CA Democrat Rep Jimmy Panetta wants to give taxpayer money, aka coronavirus relief funds, to illegal immigrants.

Listen to it again and pay attention to what Panetta just said: He says why don’t we use Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN) for “undocumented”* workers. He just admitted the 11M+ illegals living in the US right now don’t even have that, yet he claims they’re paying taxes? How are illegals paying taxes if, by his own words, they don’t have Social Security numbers (legit numbers, we know they used stolen ones) and he wants to assign them ITIN’s?! They aren’t paying taxes when it comes to having Social Security, State, Federal and FICA withholdings every American sees on their paystub. Panetta is conflating the sales tax illegals pay when they buy food and whatever crap they want here to INCOME and sales tax US citizens pay! This man is despicable, and CNN of course lets him getaway with it.

Democrats all want illegals here to eventually be granted amnesty. God forbid dems ever get super majority power they’ll pass amnesty so illegals can vote democrat creating one party ruled govt.

Democrats have stooped to one low after another during this pandemic lying, misleading and conflating issues to suit their agenda. ILLEGAL ALIENS do not deserve one penny of taxpayer dollars from these pandemic stimulus bills. They get enough free stuff as it is, wanting to now hand them $1200+ is an outright slap in every Americans face.

FTR every single American is on the hook for the $2+ TRILLION and counting. The govt got the Federal Reserve to print the money out of thin air, adding to the money supply. Taxes will have to go up eventually to reduce the money supply otherwise the dollar is devalued more than what was done following the 2008 crash.

*There is NO such thing as an undocumented immigrant. Using such language suggests said individual(s) have legal status to be in the US, but their papers are lost, tied up in red tape or the dog ate them. DO NOT fall for this progressive propaganda, these people are ILLEGAL ALIENS.