MSNBC: Stay-at-Home Protesters Are Nazis and Racists

According to the monsters in this compilation from MSNBC, Stay-at-Home protesters are nazis and racists. Yes, damn you all who know to wash your hands, practice good hygiene and social distance for wanting to be able to go work to be able to put on your table and pay your bills, while also contributing to the economy to head off an economy collapse. You are terrible for putting nations economy ahead of yourselves, only nazis think like that!

When unhinged Leftists have nothing left to say on an issue they always pull the race card. These people are beyond vile, they love every minute of this national lockdown. It’s their dream of govt having this much control over the people, it’s no wonder they want to keep it going for as long as possible. They all truly believe if they stay the course and the economy fully blows up, it will propel Joe ‘I Have No Idea Who and Where I Am’ Biden into the Presidency. They’ve all been dreaming of an economic collapse to blame on Trump, who would’ve thought a virus would give them what they want.

All you people protesting is just icing on the cake for them, waving your racist American flags, carrying your weapons in public because it’s your right.

You racists and nazis better vote in November bringing along as many likeminded people to the polls that you can. These monsters on the Left need to lose and lose badly, it will break them mentally.