Rep Jayapal: Democrats Should Use “Leverage” to Get “Priorities” in Next Relief Bill

Rep Pramila Jayapal is more concerned with the democrat confederacy using their “leverage” over the GOP to get their priorities legislated in the next relief bill than the millions of American who have lost their jobs and businesses going under.

Democrat party does not care about you. They have a solid record of holding up relief bills in order to load them with pork spending and sneaking in all their radical programs. Comedian Vic DiBitetto spelled it out when he raged in a video over how the govt, banks and lenders failed to do the right thing by instituting a simple moratorium for loans, mortgages, rents/ leases in these bills they’re drawing up. That is what real aid looks like, along with providing money to Americans for lost wages from this overreaction to a highly contagious but NOT lethal flu.

Jayapal, like all dems when they’re cocky, told the truth what the dems are really doing. They KNOW they can’t get their radical policies passed in normal session. But because Americans are hurting so bad, aid is needed asap they can hold a gun to the GOP’s head to include their pet projects in these filthy bills. And that is why every single one of them needs to be run out of office.

Forget the last couple of decades, the last 3+ years has proven dems cannot be trusted with any degree of power. Vote Trump and GOP straight down the ballot Nov 3rd… or else!