A Message to the Government


Comedian Vic DiBitetto just dropped an anvil on DC, banks and lenders in this video going off over how poorly they’re handling this pandemic. Every single thing he said is true, and let me say NONE of this has to do with Pres Trump. The JERKS in Congress are the ones who should’ve presented a true emergency plan with the kind of help DiBitetto spells out.

[❗WARNING: Language]

All loans/leases (car, mortgage, student, personal etc) should all have moratorium on payments due for whatever months Americans have been put out of work because of this pandemic. Delaying them and hitting someone with a 2-3 month lump sum bill is pure insanity causing most to go into default, like many are already doing now. Like Vic says add X months to the end of the loan. And the same goes for people renting, just extend their agreement. Take note Leftists he’s not calling for letting people off the hook for their debts/ RESPONSIBILITIES, he’s saying cut them a break, change the terms while still holding them to their obligations.

Emergency relief bills should be for getting money to people to eat, cover health expenses and other essential needs. The bills for things to companies profiting BILLIONS can wait.

Vic is right people handling this pandemic on the business side have done a shitty job proving they’re a bunch of greedy M’r F’rs! I have no doubt this viral video will cross Donald Trump’s desk and I hope he tells Congress and his pals on Wall Street to make it happen. The first a-holes to balk are the SOB’s who have something to lose by doing the right thing.

You wanna see who your real friends and enemies are? Put a plan together like Vic is spelling out and  you will see you don’t have as many as you thought!

(Yea he spits when he screams, so LET THAT BE A LESSON TO YOU ALL ABOUT SOCIAL DISTANCING, that spitting/ spraying when one opens their mouth happens screaming or not!)