Welcome to the United Police States of America: Comrade deBlasio Introduces Snitching Program

Every week now we have new and exciting examples over how the Left have weaponized a national emergency to enact their radical plans to control Americans, turning the country into a Police State. Whether it’s the Gov of Michigan making just about anything you do a crime, to police arresting an individual for paddle boarding in the middle of the ocean by themselves, to the Mayors of Los Angeles and now New York introducing a program to snitch on your neighbors because “It’s about saving lives”.

America you a getting clear test run in what life would be like living under democrat control. Only difference is, right now we all have food to eating no one has been dragged out of their homes, YET, for thought crimes. Make no mistake about it if dems get their dream of one party rule coast-to-coast we’ll all be wishing things were like they are now!