Top Dems Lie, Push Debunked Hoax Narrative Getting No Pushback From MSM


Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer made their rounds on the Sunday morning political talk circuit doing what they do best ;lying pushing the debunked “hoax” narrative. ABC’s George Stephanopoulos and CNN’s Jake Tapper lived up to their reputations of being biased, liberal hack, political activists giving zero pushback…

Goebbels would be proud how these people continue to lie over and over again taking Pres Trump’s words out of context in their desperate attempt to win voters over. He never called the pandemic a “hoax”, fact these two continue to push it proves Trump right. He said the way the democrats and media were handling it was a hoax, and it is.

This is total nonsense, blaming the President for failed response, insisting keeping the economy shutdown, supporting authoritarian stay-at-home orders and carrying on as if CV was the Walking Dead virus. It’s a highly contagious flu. 98% of the people who get it will go through the motions suffering typical flu symptoms and will recover with no problem. The other 2% are those who will require hospitalization, where some will unfortunately pass.

None of this would be going on if people practiced better hygiene outside the home (and China showed some courtesy to warn everyone vs trying to keep a lid on it for 2 months). Hopefully these last 2+ months are a learning lesson, if not there’s always the next flu season.

Regardless, what Pelosi, Schumer and the MSM are doing is despicable at this point. Everyone is taking this seriously but these monsters are politicizing it at every opportunity. Americans better remember everything these monsters have done Nov 3rd voting them out of power, otherwise you get what you deserve.