Pelosi: Lack of Supplies & Preparedness to Pandemic is Largely of Trump’s Making

Where’s Nancy Pelosi? Why isn’t she in DC working with the GOP to get aid to millions of Americans? What has she actually done to help YOU?

Nancy is too busy sitting in her multimillion dollar gated home, with armed protection, and $30,000+ refrigerator/freezers loaded with gourmet boutique ice-cream she’s stuffing in her mouth not giving two F*CKS, while giving interviews to the media and Hollywood tools!

This monster.. this terrorist has the audacity to continue to blame Pres Trump for the lack in PPE’s, respirators and other medical equipment, when we know obama FAILED to replenish depleted supplies and prepare for a future pandemic after dealing with swine flu and the ebola outbreak. Trump DIDN’T need to invoke Defense Production Act because American companies stepped up to help unlike the unhinged democrat party who has done NOTHING to help!

It’s absolutely clear Pelosi to this very second is playing politics with this pandemic and millions of America affected by it. They look for every opportunity to ram through their radical agenda in aid legislation. Funding the Kennedy Center DOESN’T help anyone.

Trump never called the pandemic a hoax, he called the way the dems and media were handling it a hoax. Pelosi can’t even lie well yet she and her ilk really think that if they keep telling these lies voters will believe it and vote for Joe Biden in Nov. She does not care about anyone but herself and the power she and the democrat party so desperately want over this country. And SHAME on Mitch McConnell and the GOP for sitting back allowing her to abuse her power!

While the media invites Pelosi and other dems on air to praise and allow them to grandstand one minute the next they’re calling them out for blocking aid for small businesses!

These people deserve to be run out of office, and frankly it’s truly time for Americans to literally break out the pitchforks and torches, and march on DC.