Rep Pressley Accuses Trump Admin of “War Crimes, Criminal Negligence”

Ayanna Pressly, proud senior member of The Squad (aka Four Horsewomen of the Apocalypse) is doing her part to ensure the nation remains deeply divided. Offering nothing of substance, and providing no proof the freshman Congresswoman accused the Trump admin of committing “war crimes, criminal negligence, science denials” and falsely stating the President took “a sluggish response” to the pandemic.

As pointed out repeatedly on this site, Pres Trump has done everything that could possibly be done. He was called a racist by just about everyone on the Left when he instituted the travel ban against China while Pressley and the democrats were trying to impeach him. The testing system was outdated and had to be revamped. The obama admin depleted and failed to replenish medical supplies they used during the swine flu and ebola outbreak. Enough of Trump, because he could literally come up with a cure for everything and these monsters would still attack him, question that needs to be asked is what has Pressley and her ilk done for the country.. for you!?


They delay CLEAN emergency relief bills in order to load them up with massive pork spending on their pet projects to satisfy lobbyists. They go on air everyday attacking the admin, pointing out isolated events where there’s normally more to the story than what is being reported. Like clockwork dems take something Trump said completely out of context, like when he called the reaction to the pandemic is a hoax and they twisted it that he was calling the virus a hoax. They haven’t lifted a finger to help Americans down and out right now. These people are not acting in Americans best interests, they have weaponized this virus with the hopes of converting uninformed voters to keep them in power.

Look at what they’re doing to the country now, with just a fraction of power and consider what they’ll do if they have total power! Pressley, The Squad, democrats need to be politically exterminated in November.