Trump Gives Navy Green Light to Destroy Iranian Gunboats


Iranian gunboats have been increasingly harassing US vessels in the Gulf, trying to provoke a conflict and they’ve gotten their wish as Pres Trump has given the US Navy the green light to fire on them!


Take note of the large ship they approach, it has two Apache gunships on deck. They alone could probably take out a majority of these annoying little fast boats the IRGCN employs. Absolutely insane for Iran to provoke the US with the amount of firepower “we” possess.

This is a long overdue order we never would have seen from any other President, except for Pres Reagan. Let’s be honest obama emboldened the Iranians by cowering to them countless times especially when they detained several sailors in 2016, so yes it’s his fault it has come to this.


Iran needs to be put in their place and this may be step one in that process. No one wants war, but Iran. What they don’t understand is Pres Trump isn’t like any other US President, he will unleash the full might of the US military on them while taking every measure to minimize US casualties.