Ocasio-Cortez Blames Trump For Illegals Dying From Pandemic


Democrats are doing everything within their power to politicize the pandemic and point blame on the Trump admin, while looking for every opportunity to ram through their radical agenda in any legislation meant to help the American people. Here we have the House Speaker Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez going on a tirade against the President and his administration suggests they knew about the virus but did nothing while also blaming him for the deaths of illegal aliens in NY.

“…these additional deaths, many of them are unnecessary. They are deaths of incompetence. They are deaths of science denial. They are deaths of inequality, and and so it’s important for us to acknowledge how unnecessary the level of crisis that we are at right now that is due to the incompetence of this administration, that is due to the lack of responsiveness to this administration. And when it comes to the particular cruelty to undocumented immigrants, it is also a form of denial of the fact that many of these undocumented people pay taxes, they fund our public schools, and they fund the very public health system that they are being denied access to right now..”

Trump and his admin saw the virus coming because he issued a travel ban on China and then Europe when all the other countries were still in denial. What AOC and the dems conveniently leave out is how CHINA kept the world in the dark on this virus as early as late October/ early November 2019. The Trump admin tried to get CDC and other agencies into China to help but were denied access and were also denied access to any info. The Chinese were not sharing anything so the admin and health experts had to rely on second hand information and what they were getting from other countries.

Illegals SHOULD NOT BE IN THE US in the first place. Their getting sick puts a greater strain on our healthcare system and enough with this “they pay taxes” nonsense. Illegals wire a good portion of their take home pay (generally under the table) back to their nation of origin. But leave it to AOC to weaponize them to demand more services, policies and money.

New Yorkers better wise up to this radical and vote her out in November.