White House Correspondents Assoc Holding Monopoly on Freedom of Press

As you will see in this video the White House Correspondents Assoc is clearly an arm of the DNC, who now controls what news is shared out to the American people. The DNC decides the narrative and the press corp pushes it out, where at times they’re practically using the same language. The WHCA is shutting other media networks out like OAN because they keep their emotions out as they report the news, not focusing on their perception of what the truth is and/or identity politics, but instead focusing on facts.

How can you support Freedom of the Press when you pick and choose who can and cannot have access to WH press briefings? You can’t, proving this organization is run by a bunch of tyrants, starting with ABC News’ Jon Karl who is president of the WHCA.

The media is not capable of telling the truth anymore because they are all political activists. The Fourth Estate is D E A D, they are the Fifth Column doing the dirty work for the democrat party to unseat this President and current GOP members in Congress.