When People Stop Acting Like PIGS in Public, Like Pelosi, Things Will Go Back to Normal


Everyone is asking and talking about when will the economy reopen, and people go back to living like we used to. Many leaders are talking about establishing “protocols” to ensure peoples safety in public.

Well, until people stop acting like PIGS in public, as demonstrated here by Nancy Pelosi, things aren’t going to go back to normal.

We don’t need any fancy protocols on how to conduct ourselves, what we need is for a large number of the populace to practice basic proper hygiene. But if you insist on some kind of protocol here you go:

  2. Use hand sanitizer, disinfectant wipes or whatever you prefer at any opportunity outside your home
  3. Practice social distancing for the time being, and refrain from handshakes (Personally, I’m glad to see this practice go away never liked, felt it was overdone because you have no idea where that hand you’re touching has been! Pelosi demonstrates perfect reason why.)
  4. Do Not touch anything outside of your home and then touch your face (mouth, nose, eyes).
  5. Cover up when you cough, sneeze and blow your nose. In the elbow thing sounds okay, but even better would be pulling up your shirt collar to cough or sneeze into, OR grabbing/ pulling the lapel/side of your jacket over your mouth. If you have to use your hands WASH THEM immediately afterwards and that goes for blowing your nose.
  6. Do NOT touch food, especially if you’re serving/ coming in direct contact of others food, without WASHING YOUR HANDS
  7. Do NOT wipe your mouth/nose and touch things (podium, railing, door knob, subway handle etc) that are in public use or vice versa. Again look at what Pelosi “innocently” does, A LOT of people are guilty of that. What she did there is EXACTLY how bugs (CV, flu, intestinal etc) spread! In other words people need to STOP ACTING LIKE PIGS IN PUBLIC!
  8. Just because you’re in your car doesn’t mean you’re safe, it’s filthy from the exterior handle, to interior handle, steering wheel, ignition, shifter, radio and A/C controls so again refer to #2
  9. When you get home WASH YOUR HANDS.
  10. Wipe down anything (briefcase, purse, backpack, especially smartphone, tablet, remote controls) that could have come in contact with things in #4 or #7. Or do you really think whatever was on that desk, seat or that your hands came in contact with isn’t on your phone or bag that’s now sitting on your kitchen counter!?
  11. Honorable mention: Wearing masks are more about stopping you from touching your face, or spreading a bug vs contracting one, it’s not something we need to do forever.

There are a lot of people who don’t do any of this virus or not, so think about that going forward – sorry to say there are A LOT of PIGS walking among us, as Pelosi demonstrated and you probably know a few! You could surely add more to the list but you’re going to have to be more attentive to how you conduct yourself in public and the level of hygiene you practice. For what it’s worth these are things we should be doing in the first place! And if you have kids everything needs to be wiped down after you hose them down, because kids are walking petri dishes!

If you want things to go back to normal then you’re going to have to start acting a little more responsible and courteous.

Pelosi should be publicly shamed for what she did.