CNN: Pandemic Bought Humanity Time Against Climate Change, But Need to Do More to Stop It

We are literally taking a test drive on the Green New Deal, with no one going anywhere = less use of fossil fuels to get anywhere and run anything like factories. But according to these people on CNN it’s not enough to lower alleged heat trapping gases, to flatten the curve and start a downtrend on climate change. The world being brought to a halt where commerce and economies are on the verge of complete collapse would have to go on even longer in their book. Imagine living like you are right now indefinitely, that’s what would have to happen to make these people happy!

The idea of global poverty, which leads to starvation, death and war is not even mentioned in this op. That’s the dark side of the Left’s climate change dream and what will happen if people don’t get back to work.

This pandemic is the Left’s dream to advance every bit of their radical agenda, through all the emergency relief bills. They see how much they can get away with in the name of safeguarding public health. Just imagine what they will do if they ever get total govt power like they did the first 2 years of obama’s reign of terror coupled with another threat from a pandemic or something else!

In 194 days you will have the opportunity to stop them. Sitting home election day is not an option.