AOC Claims Illegal Immigrants Detained By ICE “Have Not Committed A Crime”


AOC isn’t wasting anytime during this shutdown of society to continue advocating for illegal aliens while she condemns POTUS for his temporary immigration suspension and ICE for doing their jobs, enforcing America’s immigration laws.

This girl… this CHILD has been entrusted with upholding, as well as creating legislation, the law. Illegally entering the US is not a “civil matter” like a debate over the placement of a No Parking sign, she doesn’t even know entering the US illegally is a crime under 8 US Code § 1325. Improper entry by alien.

This is what democrats do, they carry on as authorities on an issue making a simple blanket statement, as AOC did here, where it takes a court fight to undo and even then their followers will still think dems are right.

It’s against the law to illegally enter the US. It’s a crime to aid, harbor, and employ illegals. Illegals do not have Constitutional rights.