Biden Calls Coronavirus an “Incredible Opportunity… to Fundamentally Transform the Country”

If you love your country you don’t want to “fundamentally transform” it. Joe Biden running his mouth here is expressing words from his old boss is how all dems feel during this unnecessary shutdown. His old boss darth hussein and the dem party love every minute of it, they’re like children on Christmas morning with that new toy that does everything.

And what is it exactly they want to do to the US? Any change they want to make has NOTHING to do with the virus. Pushing for money to be used on their pet projects, trying to advance climate change hoax, universal income and healthcare, silencing dissent, arresting people for going to the beach or park etc are nothing but bullying and power grabs.

Through this virus under the guise “for your safety,” “public health safety” democrats are bypassing the Constitution, policies, procedures and protocols.

The tyrant star of the week demonstrating this outright abuse of power is Chicago mayor Lightfoot.


Americans are getting incredibly fed up, Left and Right. These monsters better watch themselves, The Founding Fathers would have NEVER tolerated any of this and would be shooting by now.