Press Sec Dropped an Anvil on the White House Corps and It Was Glorious!

Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany took the White House Corps to task dropping the equivalent of an anvil on them over their lack of, or really refusal to do actual reporting. As she closed the daily briefing she slammed the political activists for not asking and getting answers to legitimate questions over the Flynn unmasking.

McEnany, knowing the Press Corps are quite inept in their basic job duties, proceeded to share questions they, and anyone really, should be asking while providing visual aids, because that’s what you have to do with ‘children’ to get their attention and message through!

The media are beyond disgraceful and deserve to be treated this way. Many of them shouldn’t be allowed in the White House over their constant hostility and inability to report the truth.

Also they’re being taught a lesson here by McEnany. The media believes they are a protected, entitled class over the President, his admin, and the American people! The treatment they’re getting is well deserved and we need more of it, not for the pure entertainment but to put them in their place because there is no law the White House has to speak with or required to answer them! And just because they don’t answer the media doesn’t mean they don’t have an answer either. The unhinged violent Left DOESN’T DESERVE AN ANSWER because 99.99% of time they won’t accept it unless it’s what they want to hear! (Yes, this should sound familiar for those who follow yours truly on Twitter)

That being said it’s one more signal that this country is truly divided. Now if any of these people come back next week with an answer that would be incredible but probably not and if they do it will more than likely be crafted as some deflection from the illegal actions the obama regime was engaged it. These monsters will lay on a sword to protect barry and the coup conspirators and that should concern everyone. The media is dead, there is no Fourth Estate as they have become the Fifth Column.