Pelosi: Voting By Mail is a ‘Health Issue’.. ‘More Democratic’

House Spokeswoman Nancy Pelosi is pushing hard to make voting by mail a reality claiming it’s a ‘health issue… more democratic, it gives people more options. It removes obstacles and barriers to voting which is what we want to do, voting by — at home.’ [FYO democratic = mob rule, thus why the US is a Republic!] For those who can read between the lines what this really is, is a way around calls for Voter ID laws and the Left’s last chance to win the election since Joe Biden is as bad if not worse of a candidate than Hillary. It’s also a way for dems to control the ballots when they come to in fact steal the election.

How is it a ‘health issue‘ to vote by mail but not to go to the store to buy food or whatever people need. What is the difference in standing in line to vote and waiting to pay for your food and Made in China crap? How is using a touch pad to make your payment any different from casting your vote on a voting machine (many today are touchpads)? They’re not, there is no difference, this is Pelosi and the unhinged violent Left literally weaponizing this bug to change our election process – it cannot be allowed.

We’ve seen the stories and even the vids of boxes of ballots (in-person and mail in) going missing or being found in closet, trunk of car, back of a truck etc. Coincidently, this tends to happen in drum roll…. democrat strongholds.

The only sliver of hope with this was demonstrated in the upset in the CA25 race, with republican Mike Garcia winning. That special election, held in a dem stronghold, was to replace dem pervert Katie Hill. They used mail-in ballots where it would appear the republican voters paid attention and cared enough to vote and send their ballots back. While a possible example of hope, it was also a test run for what dems will have to do in the future, to ensure victory in November. They can’t be trusted, if anyone believes there won’t be blatant acts of tampering, voter fraud, illegal aliens voting etc (aka ‘more democratic’) you’re delusional.

If I was a democrat, who hated the GOP and current President, I’d support mail-in voting because I know there are people out there willing to cheat to win. Nasty Pelosi and her party need to be stopped at any cost, listen to her she knows they hold a 1/3 of the power right now. So if that means people crawling through broken glass, burning fire and over the dead from the scamdemic to vote for Trump and the GOP then so be it.