Abrams: Illegal Immigrants “Are Now No Longer Able To Elect Anyone Who Represents Them”

“GA Gov” Stacey Abrams is going full steam ahead in her campaign to be Biden’s VP running mate as she panders to illegals who ‘are now No longer able to elect anyone who represents them’…. to balance the white people!

Well, there you go! Stacey Abrams is making it clear that illegals vote (illegally) and that she and the dems need their illegal votes to stay in power. Now all that pushing by Leftists to vote by mail is making sense isn’t it!? Oh and she’s most definitely a racist wanting to balance the white vote.

Do you think illegals will ever wake up to see they’re being taken advantage of and used for political power by the unhinged violent Left? Do you think they’ll ever realize what the Left has done to the black community (empty promises, putting them in corner blaming whitey for holding them back even though the people they elect are responsible for many living in poverty and in run down communities) is now being done to them? Do you think illegals will ever see that they’re slave labor? Could you imagine what would happen if they saw the light about all of this and much more? The Left would deflect going on a full attack blaming the Right for allowing illegals to enter and stay in the US!

This monster who still thinks she won the GA governor race, and that Biden should choose her solely because of whats between her legs and the color of her skin shows there is no low she won’t go to for power. If they get their way they’ll let everyone into this country unchecked and granting them all the rights and privileges of a citizen. She and her entire party are a national security threat, they can’t be permitted to hold power unless you like how things are right now in lockdown, with this socialism/authoritative test run?

Remember whoever is Biden’s VP is the de facto DNC candidate for President. If he wins, Joe will not serve out his first term due to health reasons, where it may even be his own VP who initiates the 254th Amendment!!