House Judiciary Chair Says Antifa is ‘Imaginary’


NY Congressman, the House Judiciary Committee Chairman, Jerry Nadler spoke on the floor of the US House of Representatives boldly stating antifa Does Not Exist that they are ‘imaginary’!

This is what you call confirmation the democrat party 100% supports these domestic terrorists. To this day not one of them has made any kind of statement condemning these monsters or any other radical, well organized and funded Leftist group.

Nadler, and ALL Leftists (street “protesters to Hollywood, pundits on tv, and of course elected officials), are saying NONE of this happened….

I can post pages upon pages of violent content from this apparent ‘fairytale’. We’re clearly in a cultural war, but it’s really a VERY WARM PROXY Civil War being run by the elites on the Left, with idiots like Nadler, running cover for these domestic terrorists.