BLM Mob Storms Target Store, Threatens Boycott Over Calling the Police


The marxist, domestic terror* group Black Lives Matter stormed a DC Target store, terrorizing workers and customers. The group threatened to shut down the business if Target continued to call the police for help dealing with shoplifters, unruly people etc who are black!

In other words BLM wants criminal black people to have free reign to do whatever they want. Any business who calls the police on said criminals will be subjected to a boycott by these monsters who will surely set up camp and we can assume organize the boycott with the help of celebrities, corrupt media and mindless athletes.

You can call this a culture/social war but what it really is is a VERY WARM civil war. Things today are as bad if not worse than it was in the late 1850’s. We have clear permanent lines of division, the destruction of statues and monuments, countless acts of violence from the recent riots to instances of Leftists attacking Trump supporters over what they’re wearing. All the makings are there for war and based on the unhinged violent Left’s actions they have advanced us to Dec 29, 1860 while they’re standing on the gas pedal to get us to April 12, 1861.

BTW take note the majority of this group is made up of PRIVILEGED WHITE LIBERALS.

* BLM can be called a domestic terror group because they meet the definition. Through physical and financial intimidation they are forcing their political views on businesses and individuals to agree to their demands.