What Part of “PRIVATE STREET No Trespassing” Do Leftists Not Understand?


The Left is up in arms over a St Louis couple who confronted unhinged violent Leftists with guns drawn after the mob breached a LOCKED gate to enter a private community. And the mob didn’t just pull the gate open, they literally destroyed the wrought iron gate!

What copy of the Constitution does Gardner own? Nothing in there about violating private property, that people have the right to violent protests, and citizens do not have the right to keep and bear arms on their own property!

‘unprovoked lethal display of force’?

Take a look at the pics of that gate again, the amount of anger and rage present to do this in itself was a clear indication the mob’s intent was NOT peaceful and they clearly were provoking the homeowners as they told KMOV

The unhinged violent Leftist mob was on their way to pay a visit to Mayor Lyda Krewson, who read the names of those who want to defund the police. Apparently the mob didn’t like people’s names being made public, but it’s okay when they dox people huh!?

What did these monsters think was going to happen when they rush private property with signs clearly stating “PRIVATE STREET No Outlet,” / “PRIVATE STREET Access Limited to Residents,” “PRIVATE STREET No Trespassing,” literally tearing down a gate, since they support abolishing police leaving citizens to defend themselves? The couple feared for their safety after witnessing violent riots just a few weeks ago where just down the road from this gated community fmr Police Capt David Dorn was murdered! They had every right to confront the unhinged violent mob, BUT the way they handled their weapons was pretty clear they haven’t had proper training. You will see more and more armed civilians confronting these mobs where sooner or later, people are going to get seriously hurt if not dead.

To the few sane democrats out there, you better get control before this all blows up. Hillary LOST get over it. Tearing the country apart is not going to convince people to vote for the very party who supports these monsters wrecking our country.

Be Warned: There are people ready, willing and looking for an excuse to start something over what these children of yours are doing. Shut them down before there’s real bloodshed.

The2020 election comes down to this:
-Vote for Biden you get more riots, protests, destruction of US history/ identity, everything you say will be scrutinized, the tyrannical life many are experiencing under democrat leadership will be permanent coast-to-coast, a wrecked economy and weak nation

-Vote for Trump you get freedom, peace, prosperity, America will again be on top, our history and heritage (good and bad) preserved, maintain global strength, these monsters will have to suck it up for 4 more years with a bonus of watching them completely meltdown.