Senator Gives Catastrophic Interview is the Current Face the GOP


Over the last month this country has been under attack by unhinged violent Leftists with democrat elected officials being completely silent, never once condemning the violence, along with the media, Hollywood and other high profile individuals. We expect this from them, but sadly the GOP hasn’t done or said anything to date either.

You would think the GOP would stand by the Police and condemn the marxist domestic terror group Black Lives Matter but no! This Tucker Carlson interview with Senator Mike Braun was nothing but catastrophic as he sides with the radical Left and is incapable of defending his positions – positions MANY in the GOP hold!

Technically Braun is the only member of the GOP actually “doing something” as of now, and it’s completely wrong. The rest of the party has done nothing to date, expect whine on social media. They condemn the destruction of our monuments but have taken no action up to and including going to them and being a barrier between the mob and our history. They say they support good police but have done nothing to protect them. The GOP IS the party of all talk and no action, and when one of them takes action, as the case with Braun, it’s the wrong way!
Tucker is right Chuck Schumer is running the US Senate, just like Pelosi is running the House/ Congress because the GOP has ALLOWED them. At this point the GOP is on their way out and the dems are going to be running everything based on this catastrophic interview.

The GOP hasn’t done anything to help victims of the mob as Carlson points out, they haven’t done any sort of organizing to counter what the dems army, currently destroying the country, is doing. The GOP doesn’t give a shit, they’re as incompetent and impotent as Jeff Sessions was as Attorney General. They’re afraid of their own shadows and especially afraid to defend America, proving the dems have succeeded in conditioning them. Just the hint of being called “racist” for standing on their principles is enough to send them into hiding. Look at the tyranny taking place around the country over the virus, has the GOP done anything to stop it? NOPE.

As of now, Braun embodies all that is wrong with the GOP. This was bad and the way things are going it’s going to get much worse when the dems are running the country.