BLM Blocks Intersection, “Protester” Fires Gun at Truck Escaping From the Mob


Black Lives Matter “protesters,” in Provo UT, in typical fashion were in the street blocking traffic stopping drivers from going to wherever they were going. We don’t know what was said between them and the driver of this white truck, but clearly differing opinions, and as you can see in the video the “protesters” began banging on the truck. The driver, fearing for his life began to go through them, to escape from the unhinged violent mob who became more enraged that this person wasn’t submitting to their terrorism causing someone within the mob to shoot at the driver!

Look at this monster, he is the one who fired (you can actually see the slide go back in slo-mo), but as you’ll see in the close-up slo-motion there may have been a second shooter, and take note at the end of the clip of the man holding what appears to be a gun tracking the truck as it speeds away!

Anyone caught in this situation has every right to protect themselves, which means they have the right to go through the mob, NOT stepping on the gas running people down. These monsters DO NOT have the right to block roads and interfere with others lives, thats not a peaceful protest. Nor is it peaceful when they start banging on your vehicle with signs and weapons, screaming, making threats. You do whatever you have to do to protect yourself and passengers.

These monsters seem to think they have a right to not only block you, but then assault you when you don’t submit to them, and in this case shoot at you for escaping!

War is coming.