MSNBC Pushing Angle Mt Rushmore is a Symbol of White Supremacy and Racist


MSNBC is giving the first migrants to America (aka “native Americans”*) descendant tribal leaders a platform to push for Mount Rushmore to be deemed a symbol of white supremacy and racism, built on stolen land that should be returned to the tribes who will ‘decide what to do with it’.

Stolen land…. didn’t these tribes get reparations that their descendants are still receiving to this day? How many casinos do they own at this point? Yours truly met someone a long time ago who was married into a tribe, but because he was white he didn’t see a penny of the $10K per month his wife (a first migrant descendant) was receiving! Yes, bad things happened to these people but at that time is was survival of the fittest, to be quite blunt sorry your side lost. It happened ALL OVER the world, should we just wipe out all of history because somewhere some people took land from other people and enslaved them!?? Should Rome be leveled since it was built on the backs of slaves? How about the Pyramids, should they be flattened because they were built by slaves? Should these counties be handed over to the descendants of the slaves? Do you see the insanity?

We cannot dismantle the US over things that happened in the past, by doing so you’re erasing our identity. But that is the goal of the Left – destroy our past, as well as ties to Judea-Christian beliefs, because it then opens the door for the Constitution itself to be rewritten and once that’s gone there is NO America.

Now if anything happens (defacing or destroyed) to Mount Rushmore, or any other major monuments/memorials we’re going to end in a war. The idea of this monument being handed over to the tribes who we know will take dynamite to them is no different to what ISIS, Taliban and al Qaeda were doing to historical statues and landmarks.

This has to stop.

The Left is completely out of control tagging everything as racist because they know people cower and hide if they do or say anything the Left says is racist (and just about everything now is being tagged as so). They literally have some people afraid of their own shadow, apologizing for being born the wrong color. What you have is actual racism against white people, but we can’t talk about that and even suggesting it is racist!

If you want this to stop you’re going to have to stand up the these Leftists regardless of the color. What they’re doing in the most simplest form is bullying! These people are bullies who have weaponized racism to get whatever they want. All you have to do is say NO and that you’re not a racist, they have no proof and walk away. Sure they’ll get mad but in the eyes of sane voters they will see how nuts it would be to give these people more power.

*“Native Americans” are no more native/ indigenous to the US as anyone whose family migrated here from Europe, Africa, Asia or anywhere else on this planet. Their ancestors MIGRATED to what is now North America & the United States, scientists estimate 13K-25K years ago, not millions. Even the “genius” liberal scientists can’t even nail down exactly when they came from EurAsia/ Siberia, but if you pull their DNA that’s what you’ll find. Some will also have DNA matching South America and the Pacific! Fact is to suggest they were here from the beginning of man is 1000% absurd. There are NO 3.2M year old American “Lucy” fossils to give legitimacy to those calling themselves “Native American” or “indigenous people”.

They’re descendants of migrants period.