Biden 2010 Called Fmr KKK Leader Robert Byrd a Friend, Mentor & Guide

As you’re well aware the Left is on a literal tear going after anything that is tied to slavery and racism. Oddly they’re giving the democrat party a pass since the statues they’re targeting are of their party members from long ago, who are responsible for slavery and all the racism including the KKK. These unhinged, rabid activists are also silent when it comes to people like Hillary Clinton and more importantly Joe Biden who both praised their ‘good friend and mentor’ Fmr KKK Exalted Cyclops leader, Robert Byrd!

Why so silent Black Lives Matter, antifa and all you privileged white liberals? A statue of George Washington must be destroyed, Mt Rushmore must be obliterated but you want to put Biden, who has  had his share of race related issues and praised a fmr KKK leader, into the White House!?

Why are statues of Confederate Generals, Christopher Columbus to Abraham Lincoln being vandalized and torn down yet Byrd’s statue remains in the US Capitol!?

You’re all a bunch of hypocrites.