Dem Senator Objects to Resolution Condemning Mob Violence


Democrat Sen Bob Menendez made a jerk of himself objecting a resolution introduced by Sen Mike Lee that simply condemns mob violence.

‘I just proposed a non-binding resolution condemning mob violence and Senate Democrats objected. I don’t know whether to be outraged or embarrassed for them. This isn’t even a bill, it’s just a statement that says mob violence is bad that Democrats can’t say mob violence is bad without simultaneously taking a jab at the President the United States.’

What Menendez did (and apparently other dems in the Senate, we don’t have video of right now) was to in fact confirm the democrat party’s position of supporting the unhinged violent Leftist mobs tearing the country apart today.

Ted Cruz set the radical enabler Menedez straight thankfully, but his actions are clear he and the dems want more violence in the streets of America because it plays into their plans. They want the country in chaos to push their narrative that Trump is the problem in order to convince clueless voters to cast their vote for Beijing Biden/ Dementia Joe.

Democrat’s silence in general over the last month+ of riots and violent “protests,” and now this, is proof they want to see this country burn. They hate Trump but they also HATE YOU for putting him in office.

Y’all better get ready….