When The Camera is Off, The Mask Comes Off


This covid thing has become quite annoying and destructive to this country. Yes, there are more cases of people with the disease because more people are being tested, but what aren’t you being told? The media and the Medical State are conveniently leaving out the death rate!

Covid is new strain of a highly contagious flu. Just like the seasonal flu some people get a mild case while others get a severe case, where in many instances sadly people have died. But in the bigger picture out of 7,000,000,000+ people on this planet only 500,000+ have died (= .00714% of the world’s population). The majority of those who died had existing health issues, and in other cases those who have died of natural causes are being chalked up as covid deaths! This is one of the reasons so many doctors and health workers began to speak out only to be censored by social media and condemned by the Left and mainstream media.

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If we were to test everyone for the seasonal flu, the numbers would dwarf covid. You don’t hear the “experts” talking about that.

Keeping people cooped up in their homes, isolated from everyone made things worse. Going outside is actually far safer than being locked up inside, because UV rays destroy the virus in less than a minute. In a sane world we would be encouraged to go outdoors, spend as much time as possible at the beach, in parks, outdoor venues. To be quite frank without herd immunity we’re all dead, it’s why our species has survived the test of time.

So Dr Fauci appeared before the House and Senate June 30, 2020 speaking on his current findings and expressing his concerns. Now we have places going back into lockdown, we’re told we have to wear masks everywhere and many dems, including Nancy Pelosi who is third in line for the Presidency, want it nationally mandated.

Many Americans just aren’t buying any of this anymore, there are far too many questions, too many things that don’t make sense. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, well then this 43 second video is priceless…..

This is Dr Fauci relaxing after the House or Senate hearing he appeared in  was no longer being aired, BUT the cameras kept rolling. As you can see once off air the mask came off, and he wasn’t the only one as some woman appeared behind him with her mask off too! I dunno who grabbed this video, but whoever they are they deserve a medal.

Take off those ridiculous masks, you don’t need them. BTW you do know the cloth ones don’t work right!? We’re being played America.