“Journalists” Defend, Excuse Five Nights of Riots


Just about ever major city in the US is under attack from domestic terrorists and looters taking advantage of the carnage they’ve caused. Millions of dollars in property damage (broken windows to buildings being burned down) and inventory being stolen. American citizens are being terrorized and assaulted. On top of all of that over 50 Secret Service Agents have been injured, and hundreds (potentially couple thousand) police officers across the US have been injured in skirmishes against the terrorists, along with 4 officers being shot in St Louis, 2 shot in Vegas, one dead from a gunshot to the back of his head, 3 run down by vehicles.

The media continues to call these riots, “protests” and to this day defend and make excuses for them.

These people and countless more are pouring gasoline on the fire. They have done nothing to stop what’s going on, as their coverage and rhetoric sensationalizes the “protester” plight. The media are enemies of this Republic. They now serve as the Fifth Column seeking to do anything including supporting the riots through their lack of condemnation. If those in the street were conservatives, republicans, TEA Party activists, and Trump supporters they would be going apeshit right now.

The Left doesn’t care about George Floyd, if they did they would be condemning the monsters for their actions. This is all about the 2016 and 2020 election, Trump, the GOP and those of you who support them. The coup failed, now they’re trying “Plan B” creating so much havoc blaming the Right for all of it with the hopes of a democrat sweep in November.

If the lockdown wasn’t enough of a taste of what life will be like under a democrat super majority then hopefully these riots under democrat mayors and governors watch, while the dems in DC are silent, will motivate people to vote Trump and GOP in 153 days. If not, this is your new normal.