Rosenstein Folded Like a Wet Paper Bag at Senate Judiciary Hearing


Fmr Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein was grilled today in the Senate Judiciary Cmte where he more or less admitted he was rubber-stamping whatever was put in front of him by obama/clinton loyalists. Everything you have been hearing about the President being spied on and set-up was confirmed today.

First and foremost Rosenstein admits if he knew then what he knows now he wouldn’t have signed off on the applications, including the withholding of exculpatory evidence, and that the Steele Dossier was trash. Everything revealed in the Horowitz report was the basis the Deep State used to go after the Trump campaign but there was no actual evidence, yet the Deep State carried on with this guy signing off on their soft coup!


This guy, like Clapper, knows he’s in trouble so he’ll roll on his own, especially Comey where he says he didn’t rubber-stamp the FBI FISA applications, but he signed off on them…

We have him admitting to Sen Lee FISA was “abused and manipulated” in order to spy on Trump’s campaign…


This next clip is rich, here dem Mazie Hirono thinks she’s going to get Rosenstein to sink Trump only to have him admit obstruction charges against the President were a joke..

Constitutional scholar Jonathan Turley’s analysis of Rosenstein’s testimony shows how much of a tool he was for the Deep State:

It’s abundantly clear regardless of his testimony that Rosenstein was in fact a rubber-stamp to go after Trump and all the others who were spied on. He says he’s accountable, blames the process and can’t name who to hold responsible. You see that’s a hydra.. there are so many heads to this beast you can’t find one to cutoff to stop it. So what are we supposed to do? All the tension in this country, everyone is at each others throat and we have govt officials running rogue at this point. You still think the US isn’t a banana republic?

One can only hope Pres Trump starts declassifying everything and naming names, BURN IT ALL DOWN if need be at this point.