2 “Karen’s” Harass Man Over Not Wearing Mask


This “pandemic” thing has just about burned itself and everyone out when you have people now attacking others over not wearing a mask. These “Karen” videos are popping up all over demonstrating the media, Medical State and other scamdemic profiteers handiwork has been successful on the uneducated and uninformed.

1) Unless you’re using a surgical grade N95 mask, the cloth masks most people are wearing don’t work.

2) The virus doesn’t randomly spread in mid air as people walk by each other. You have to be in very close proximity for a long period of time.

3) The virus is a highly contagious variant of the seasonal flu, EVERYONE will get it and 99.99% will survive from it.

4) The death rate is incredibly low, the media makes no mention of it when they report “staggering new cases” these textbook Karens eat up and proceed to torment people in public.

Yes, cases are rising, but what you’re not being told is the death rate is infinitesimal globally (7.594 people in the world,502K have died from CV = .0061%).

It’s time to stop enabling the elites who have weaponized this bug not only against Pres Trump but every single one of us.