Democrat Mazie Hirono Accuses Trump Supporters of Being ‘White Supremacists’


Mazie Hirono has got to be one of the biggest racists in the US Senate. If she isn’t trashing white men she’s busy attacking anyone who supports the President accusing them of being ‘white supremacists’ as she did here.

These radical Leftists don’t even realize the bullshit they spew is racist. Every single time they point the finger at whitey for something THEY DID it’s reverse racism. Hirono is filled with absolute hatred, the clips of her on this site and others is proof of that. People on the Right need to come to terms these people HATE YOU, want you enslaved or dead and NO that’s not being said facetiously.

Massive taxes, restrictions on our rights if not outright abolition of, power grabs giving them control over how we all live like what we’re experiencing now with this scamdemic lockdown, their encouraging of “protests” with no condemnation of any kind for the acts of violence and destruction. How much more proof do you need, especially you “moderate” democrats out there?

Wake up…. NO grow the F up and understand this country is on a collision course with disaster unless you remove these bastards from office!

I’m done….